BeReady, is an online platform providing secondary-level teachers and pupils with lessons. It's absolutely free, easy to use and enables teachers to review and allocate lessons and track student progress.

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, BeReady has enlisted the help of a Multi-Academy Trust whose teachers are kindly creating an entire longitudinal online programme to cover the full summer term curriculum for years 7-10. These lessons will be uploaded ready for all teachers across the country to use with their pupils after the Easter holidays.

We want to bolster this content by asking teachers to donate just one lesson and we will make it available to all teachers on our free to use platform.

These lessons need to follow a consistent structure which will consist of; course overview, a Word document and/or PowerPoint deck containing the lesson and 5-10 questions to test learning, these can be in a Yes/No or multiple-choice format.

Courses can be uploaded and sent to BeReady below.

Please feel free to choose a lesson that you may have already delivered online to your class.


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